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Picture a world where cars soar across the sky, where robots run our homes effortlessly and finding parking isn’t an issue because cars fold up into briefcases. Instead of walking, you are swept straight to your destination, thanks to moving sidewalks.

Does any of this sound familiar? If you are a fellow millennial it should, it’s the Jetsons. This was a popular TV show in the 80s and 90s that played out what smart cities would look like in the 21st century. Most of us define smart cities with the image of the Jetsons.

the jetsons

To get to one consistent definition of a smart city, we did what everyone does, we googled it. We were not surprised to see the internet describing smart cities more in terms of data integration, electronic data collection sensors and information management. In simpler terms, the focus of smart cities in today’s world is on cool and shiny smart technology for homes, sports, media, entertainment, baking, automotive and retail.

Imagine this, you are woken up by your smart clock announcing the indoor/outdoor temperature and how your daily commute looks like. Then you roll out of bed and start brushing your teeth, all while looking into a smart mirror that provides an overview of what your schedule is like for the day.

Our world revolves around smart technology, it makes our lives easier, enables us to make smarter decisions and buys us time.

It could also be very overwhelming for anyone of us to pick the right product due to the number of options available online or in-store. Therefore, we are dedicating this website for product reviews, comparisons and best gadgets for the tasks you are looking to automate.

We are glad you found us during your research and thank you for visiting.

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